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Start-up Activities - Liaison

Support the establishment of new adventure/outdoor businesses in the Noboribetsu area.

Work with relevant authorities on planning to support outdoor activities, especially to reduce barriers to entry and access to opportunity.

Liaise with Japanese and international Adventure and Outdoor associations to spread awareness of the Noboribetsu area, build resources and support for a range of activities, and to tap into international best practices.

Work with local authorities to encourage local participation and investment by leading outdoor companies such as North Face, Mont Bell, and Snow Peak.

Partner with App companies such as YAMAP and YAMARECO to raise the awareness and activities in the Noboribetsu area.

Work with local and overseas associations to make Noboribetsu an international destination for trail running (all seasons) by being part of the national and international competition circuits such as Mont Bell Sea to Summit and International Trail Running Association competitions (currently 3 held each year in Honshu.)

Start-up Activities -

Immediate Projects

Oversee maintenance of trails and facilities plus develop new trails, viewing spots and camp sites, consistent with ESG guidelines to preserve the natural beauty of the region.


Improve information on trails with signposted times/markers/distances. Explore possibility of a barcoded app for trail tracking.


Enhance and manage maintenance of the Noboribetsu Onsen environs to provide a welcoming location for all visitors.


Negotiate blanket internet cover for the region so visitors can connect at any point and use social media to easily publish their activities (and promote the area).

Introduce an all-season single transport system such a scooter/e-bike for three seasons and kick sleds for the winter snow period. 


Protocols and education on bear safety specifically, and wilderness safety, especially for overnight camping, as well safety equipment – bear bells etc.

Key Initiatives


Support outdoor activities that showcase the unique environment in Noboribetsu in all seasons.



Create a resource base to help deepen the knowledge, understanding and respect for the unique local environment.



Support the sustainable development of tourism activities in the Noboribetsu region, to ensure the activities and the environment retain their unique appeal for generations to come.



Help identify obstacles and challenges to setting up new ‘activity-based’ businesses, and provide the expertise and resources to overcome them.


05 Provide training and accreditation for ‘adventure activity’ operators in the region.

Key Initiatives & Start-up Activities

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